There are two types of groups at North Ridge Church - Home Groups and Free Market Groups. Check out the different types below. 

Home Groups


Home Groups are established as a committed investment in the lives of each member, typically for a year at a time.

Home Groups are for everyone who considers North Ridge Church their church home, and a great way for anyone new to NRC to get connected. They are the hub of our Church family life, expressed through invested commitment to small groups of specific brothers and sisters. They meet and pray together, grow in special themes ans studies, build lasting friendships, and share the joys and challenges of life over the year. However it may look for each person, everyone should plug into a Home Group. 

Home Groups usually begin in the fall. We encourage everyone to stay committed to a Home Group for a year at a time if possible, or if they join later in the year to continue until the next Fall Launch Night. 

We are always interested in launching new Home Groups! It takes ordinary people, willing to encourage others as they walk with Jesus together. If you need help finding the right group for you, or might like to help start a new one, please contact the church office:

Free Market Groups
A deeper look at what Free Market Groups look like at NRC


Free Market Groups are other places to connect and grow around a common interest or opportunity.

Free Market Groups are a way to cultivate disciple making relationships through the interests, gifts, and callings God gives each of us. They are an opportunity to share life in community, and to help people connect and grow in all kinds of creative ways. A Free Market Group may or may not overtly involve a Bible study or discussion. It might not meet at the church or involve only "church people." The core element could be a common interest in almost anything - exercise, singing in a choir, sharing meals, deepening friendships, growing a more healthy marriage, or developing a skill. Yet when we're intentional about allowing God to use these passions He's given us to love and serve others in Jesus' name, He will do amazing things in us, through us, and for His Kingdom. 

There are may great Free Market Groups available through North Ridge people, and we would always love to see more develop. Who do you have a heart for? What needs do you see? What do you enjoy that could be an opportunity, encouragement, or invtation for others? We want to hear from you! 

Let us know how we can help get you connected

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