Classes are not just ways for us to learn, but they have a great potential to help us love and serve others with what God has already taught us. Jesus told us to go make disciples, teaching them to obey everything I commanded you. Therefore, as disciples we need to see ourselves as students who are learning God's Word and how to obey what Jesus has showed us. And as disciple makers, we need to see ourselves as teachers who are willing to share God's Word and show how His truth works out in our lives. Discipleship and Bible classes at North Ridge teach the Word of God and help people grow up into healhty, fruitful lives of friendship with Jesus. 

The Spring/Summer 2021 Line-Up

Check out some of our new classes for the Summer semester.

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Minor Prophets II  | In-Person | Teacher: Leanne Barnard | Sundays @ 11am

// Starts May 2 //

Encounter a deeper reality through the minor prophets. The messages of the prophets are like spiritual caffeine - a shock to the system. Like a bucket of ice water, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi startle our hazy thoughts to hope and rekindle our ashen hearts with zeal. This class is located in the Family Life Center - Classroom F4 NOTE: You do not need to have taken Minor Prophets I to attend this class!


Pathways to the King | Virtual | Teacher: Susan Larsen | Sundays @ 9:30 

// Starts May 16th //

The Ladies Class this semester will be going through a new book Pathways to the King. This book will provide you with 8 kingdom pathways that you will need to experience and expand God's Kingdom on Earth. Walking  down these pathways will help you develop intimacy, authority and power in Christ and become a kingdom-minded person living out the compelling life of the Spirit.


A More Excellent Way | In-Person | Teacher: Mark Moore | Sundays @ 9:30 

// Starts July 11th //

We clearly hear Jesus message about the place love should hold in our hearts and lives. Both of the greatest commandments center on it. In the upper room he tells the original disciples it will be our identifying mark as those who follow him. It would seem to be of extreme importance, so we’ll explore what Paul wrote about it to the Corinthian church and talk about practical ways we can be and show Jesus love in world that is desperately seeking to fill a void nobody else can satisfy. Join us starting July 11 in the Family Life Center - Classroom F4 as we explore what Paul said is “A More Excellent Way.” 


Everybody Always | In-Person | Teacher: Mark Moore | Sundays @ 9:30am & 11:00am

// August 1st //

Love is a constant theme throughout our Bible and it bears a closer look. We’re exhorted to act, think, react, and grow in love probably more than anything else. We’re told our identity will be clearly demonstrated by the love we show. We’ll journey together with Bob Goff through his stories of relationships and find out how God wants us to be love in practical ways as an extension of himself. We’re sure to be challenged and encouraged as we move beyond what we think is expected and explore ways to fulfill what God expects. We won’t try to do it perfectly; that’s part of the deal. But we will find ways to see the intrinsic value in everyone and share love with “Everybody, Always!” This class will be eld on Sundays during both services in the Family Life Center - Classroom F4.



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