Classes are not just ways for us to learn, but they have a great potential to help us love and serve others with what God has already taught us. Jesus told us to go make disciples, teaching them to obey everything I commanded you. Therefore, as disciples we need to see ourselves as students who are learning God's Word and how to obey what Jesus has showed us. And as disciple makers, we need to see ourselves as teachers who are willing to share God's Word and show how His truth works out in our lives. Discipleship and Bible classes at North Ridge teach the Word of God and help people grow up into healhty, fruitful lives of friendship with Jesus. 




2 Corinthians | In Person | Teacher: Lara Line | Sundays at 9am 

Classroom F4 - Family Life Center

"God’s ability revealed through human inability” is a theme that runs through 2 Corinthians.  Paul argues that the gospel does not involve strong people doing great things for God, but rather that God does great things through, and despite, our weaknesses and afflictions.  Join us as we read and discuss through Paul’s pastoral concern for the Corinthians and his absolute dependence upon the power of God shine through this letter to guide the readers past the issues that could wreck their faith.


(NEW) The Christ Life (Ladies Class) | Teacher: Susan Larsen | Sundays at 9am

Adult Ministries Room - Family Life Center

// Starts Sunday April 23rd //

AB Simpson believed Christ to be All and in all.  Christ's life given at the cross procured forgiveness and eternal life.  By Him the believer stands justified.  The struggles of self-effort end when Christ takes up residence in the heart and becomes the enablement for newness of life. Join us ladies for an 8 week class starting April 23rd as we go through this wonderful book.


(NEW) Cold Case Christianity | Teacher: Jack Diamond | Location: Family Life Center - F3 | Sundays at 9:00am

// Starts Sunday April 23rd //

Christianity could be defined as a "cold case": it makes a claim about an event from the distant past for which there is little forensic evidence. In Cold-Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace uses his nationally recognized skills as a homicide detective to look at the evidence and eyewitnesses behind Christian beliefs. Including gripping stories from his career and the visual techniques he developed in the courtroom, Wallace uses illustration to examine the powerful evidence that validates the claims of Christianity. A unique apologetic that speaks to readers' intense interest in detective stories, Cold-Case Christianity inspires readers to have confidence in Christ as it prepares them to articulate the case for Christianity. Starting April 23rd - 8 Week Class.


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