North Ridge Basketball Academy

The North Ridge Basketball Academy is an exciting and far reaching ministry in partnership with North Ridge Church, serving hundreds of students in the Raleigh area by combining personal character development with first class basketball instruction through private lessons, summer camps and more. Click the link below for information on programs, registration, staff, and much more. 



Coach Mark Miller


Phone: 919.847.2017


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Meet The Team

Mark Miller
  • Director of the NRBA
Seth Huber
  • Co-Director of the NRBA
Nate Miller
  • Director of Explode Performance
Andrew Ocampo
  • Player Development Instructor
Empty Frames

Empty Frames Initiative looks to fill an unmet need, the transitional stage between dependency and independence among youth exiting state care. Although there are options available to youth as they leave the foster care system, they usually have difficulty navigating the opportunities, engaging in healthy relationships with others in their community & finding people they can rely on and offer guidance should something go wrong. Youth aging out of the state care system often find themselves in extremely vulnerable positions and in need of assistance.


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Passion For Africa

PFA's mission is to provide newly arrived legal African immigrants the tools and opportunities which enable them to become responsible citizens in the United States and to provide direct support to their home country communities in Central Africa.

They are committed in helping new legal African immigrants integrate into the American cultural, in both political and economic lifestyle, so they can feel more at home. We are also dedicated to helping them develop positive feelings, attachment, and commitment to their new country.

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Bible Study Fellowship - Women's Classes

Women today face a multitude of challenges. Many are overworked and in need of spiritual rest. Others struggle with insecurity, broken relationships, guilt and loneliness. Countless women have found peace, comfort, hope, security and answers to life's big questions as they uncover the truth of God in the Bible.

As a class member, you will spend time in personal study of the Scriptures each week. On the day or night of class, you will join other women in a small-group discussion of the lesson and learn from a teaching leader how the truths of Scripture can be applied to daily life. You will leave class with comprehensive lesson notes, which teach further on the passage you studied, and lesson questions for the following week.


Mondays @ 6:55pm / Click the link below to find out more information or to join the class.

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