As 2023 winds down, North Ridge Church is highlighting 3 giving goals for the final 3 months of the year.  There are many other wonderful ways to give as well, and all of them are encouraged with gratitude!  We're highlighting these 3 as priorities for year-end. Each of us can pray and respond with however the Lord leads us in our individual part, but lets all have a part! 

This is a page where you can check on our progress and latest details; we'll provide updates here as we're able.  Here are our 3 for 3 goals to share together:

1. Fully Fund the 2023 NRC Ministries Operating Budget

Total Goal: $496.5k   

Approximate Remaining: $78k

The NRC Ministries Operating Budget is the main fund through which we do almost everything North Ridge Church- ministry, outreach, facilities, operations, staff, and administration.  All general tithes and giving goes to the Operating Budget. The great news is that we are on track to finish well this year, if we continue at current pace. And when the budget is fully funded by year end, we will complete this year of Kingdom impact and lives changed, while staying "in the black." 


2. Exceed last year's Great Commission Fund giving in 2023

Total Goal: $60k

Approximate Remaining: $10.5k

The Great Commission Fund is how we parter with our whole Alliance family in generosity to bring all of Jesus to all of the world!  Bringing Gospel access to the hardest to reach places is a mission so close to our heart, and it's our privilege to have a share in it.  There have been some years recently when our GCF giving as a church has slid in the wrong direction. Let's choose not go that way any longer! Let's commit to always step forward in our giving to reach the nations. For the end of this year, the goal is simple- give more than we did the year before. Mark this part of your giving for the Great Commission Fund.

3. Complete funding of the Front Entry Project

Total Goal: $75k

Approximate Remaining: $16.5k

Our main building is 40 years old this year, and as great as it has been for us, there are some places that need help. When one of those places is the front door, we need to take care of it.  The Front Entry Project will not only help us take care of significant ongoing maintenance issues in that area, but importantly, we can present a better, fresh, welcoming first impression right at our front door. Our goal is by no means extravegant, but it is in keeping with the standard we've been raising: clean, current, and well maintained.  And there's more great news about the project! While many of you have been giving to this vision, we've found some ways to lower the projected cost.  It is well within reach, and we hope to get started in early 2024! Mark this part of your giving to The Building Fund.

Please keep an eye on the bottom portion of this page, where we will share updates as we're able.  Below you'll see a rendering of what we're working on- It's not final, but it will give you an idea of the design. The permit process with the City of Raleigh will be underway very soon, and then we'll be able to provide more complete details.

Front Entry Renderings

These are not the final designs. We are still in ironing out the details with the City of Raleigh for approved designs. 

Slideshow image
Slideshow image

Giving Instructions

Pray and respond with whatever your part may be as the Lord leads, but lets all have a part!
  1. To give towards the Budget Goal, select: NRC Ministries and Operation from the dropdown menu. 
  2. To give towards the Great Commission Goal, select Great Commission Fund from the dropdown menu.
  3. To give towards the Front Entry Goal, select: Building Fund from the dropdown menu.