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Home Groups

Everyone Has a Home

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How Home Groups Work:

Love, Hospitality, & Ministry

Home Groups are a major part of our life and vision at North Ridge, and we aim for everyone to be involved!  Simply put, our Home Groups have three priorities: LOVE [caring for one another really well], HOSPITALITY [drawing others in], and MINISTRY [serving together in Jesus' name].  Practically, these take place through a lot of deepening friendship, conversation, times of prayer & the Word, service opportunities, food, and more.  Though every group is different, we envision each one as a laboratory for love in action, and an incubator for mighty faith, as we learn to live out the Christ-life together.

When & Where

Groups meet in homes throughout the area, and usually once a week.  We have groups meeting on Sundays, MondaysTuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with the majority on Sunday evenings.  (Groups may open on other days as available).  The typical Home Group "season" starts in September and lasts for one year at a time.

How to Find a Group

People normally have one of three reasons for choosing a Home Group: the location, the day-of-the-week, or the members & personality of the group.  Finding your best fit probably depends on which of these is your priority for now.  You can view the groups here in the current Launch Guide, use the Sign Up Central page to inquire, or contact the Equipping Pastor, Dan Seaman, who coordinates Home Groups.  We'll be happy to help you get connected.

September Sign-Ups

Each September, we "throw open the doors" for everyone at North Ridge to sign up with a group for the year.  All are welcome to stay with the group they're in, or make a change however needed.  We generally ask people to stay committed to their group until the next September Sign-Up.  Even though we promote sign-ups in September, you can still join a Home Group any time!


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