Who We Are


Who We Are

We are The Church

We are North Ridge Church

North Ridge is a growing church family with deep roots in God's Word, a rich heritage of global missions, and a drive to reach into lives, families, & communities with the love of Christ.  It takes time to get to know a church, and each one has its own culture.  Here are some of the influential values and characteristics that shape life at NRC.

We are rescued people

Not one of us can stand on our own merits.  We depend on and celebrate the awesome rescue Jesus gives us not only from the grip of sin and death, but for the glory of God, speaking and showing the power of the Gospel to the world.  Our mission is decidedly not to promote ourselves, but to humble ourselves, and proclaim Christ in His greatness.

We are sent people

By the authority of Jesus Christ, we're commissioned to go and make disciples of all nations.  We are an active and enthusiastic part of a great 125 year-old, Christ-centered missionary & deeper life movement known as The Christian & Missionary Alliance, through whom many of our own family and friends are sent around the world.  Some of us go overseas, some go across the street; but we're all people who are sent to represent Christ.

We are a happy church

The diversity of our people and preferences are unified in the joy of belonging to Jesus.  We understand the heartaches of life, but we love Him and love one another through it.  We genuinely enjoy being together, and gladly welcome anyone who would come follow Him with us.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and are happiest with Christ as King.  Worshiping Him together is a delight, whether in hushed reverence, or in exuberant rejoicing.  We do both, and both reflect God's character and care over us.

We are a serving family

Jesus is alive and at work in the world today through His Church, and it is our honor to serve others in His name as His Spirit moves through us.  Sometimes this draws us into spectacular faith and ministry, but more often, it is day-to-day, simple, seemingly un-sensational faithfulness, kindness, and devotion.  We find that serving together is one of the best ways to deepen relationships and truly function as a church family, the Body of Christ.

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